Water Coolers

Office Water Coolers

Unlimited Water’s most popular chilled filtered office water solution is the freestanding water cooler.

The streamlined contemporary design of the freestanding water cooler, provides unlimited office water to your staff once it is connected directly to a mains water supply by one of our licensed plumbers.

The freestanding water cooler dispenses filtered chilled and ambient temperature water from easy to operate fast flow taps.

The unit comes complete with a self-filling-shut-off refill operation, a removable drip tray and an optional cup holder.


  • Our Coolers are provided in cost effective rental service plans, and will remove the fluctuating cost of bottles
  • The cooler and the service provided are some of the best in the industry and are well known for their reliability
  • Proven performer for high demand corporate requirements with an inbuilt tank providing high flow commercial capacity filtration.
  • The cooler requires only a small amount of floor space, with a depth of 325mm and a height of 985mm.
Eco Friendly
  • Eliminates the environmental impact of bottled water systems.
  • A fully maintained all inclusive service package includes sanitisation service visits and replacement water filters.


For more information, call our friendly customer service staff on 1300 720 820 or use our Web Enquiry Form and we’ll help you make the best product choice for your company.